How to promote your poker site?

Siim Einfeldt
Published under Affiliate marketing

Now that's a question not only poker affiliates ask, but pretty much ALL website owners out there. Obviously that's far from a simple question to answer. Promotion and marketing is an extremely competitive field and to get it right - well, it takes time, it takes effort, it takes a lot of experimenting and you might fail more than you succeed. But that shouldn't turn you off - that's just all part of the game. And that's what makes it interesting. If you hate it, you're probably in the wrong line of work. If you love it - keep doing it until you succeed!

I won't go into the hundreds of ways on how you could promote your website - you can found that information on many other sites. However, you could think of how the poker networks themselves are doing it. Often, they aren't. They simply provide the tools for you to promote them. They offer you nice earning opportunities and by the end of the day - you do all the work for them. At least in the marketing side. Don't get me wrong - it's a win win really. But my point is that you could think about doing something like that yourself as well. That's pretty much the idea behind affiliate marketing - I have a product and you sell it for me for a small cut in my earnings.

What type of website do you have? Would you benefit of others promoting it? Why would they? Could you offer them something that would make them interested in promoting you?

Just couple of things to think about.

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