Three approaches of poker affiliates

Siim Einfeldt
Published under Affiliate marketing

Website developers, owners and publishers who have decided to become poker affiliates are usually using an of these three approaches when it comes to promoting the poker rooms.

Product website
The first school considers the poker room a product which they need to promote individually. Often they might create a separate website for each poker affiliate program they have decided to promote. They create a website only for the purpose of promoting this specific poker product. They might have informational articles on the website as well in hopes to draw more visitors to their site, but the only actual purpose of the site is to sell the poker room they are promoting to their visitor. In terms of time, it might be the easiest way to promote something, but in terms of contents, it might often not be a very good site - as all it is, is a shameless sales letter. Yet, experience has shown that these sales-letter-type of sites might often work quite well.

Information website
The second school creates an informative website about something specific - for our case, poker or any other just a bit more specific topic. They create interest towards the website via the content they have available there, create a loyal readership and then start to offer them ads relating to the articles. Time-wise it takes considerably more time than to create just one sales-letter site. But in the long run this type of site might bring you in a lot more money - both in terms of earning via the poker affiliate network as well as earning via alternative revenue sources.

General website
And then there's the owner of a website on...pretty much any topic that it nothing even close to poker. The website has a lot of traffic but the traffic is all non-related to poker or gaming industry in general. The site owner just posts banners and text links to his website in hopes they grab at least someones attention. While it's the easiest way to get started (as you already have a website and all you need to do, is to put banners up to your site) - results in this case are often below anything you might expect. The visitors simply don't convert. However, even with this type of non-gaming related sites, one might have the ideas to get a nice number of players to the poker sites he or she is affiliates with.

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