Are there any lottery affiliate programs around?

Siim Einfeldt
Published under Affiliate programs

If you're just starting your affiliate business, you probably want to learn about as many different affiliate programs as possible, and from as many niches as possible, just to find the programs you feel you could promote the best, programs that You might be able to monetize the easiest. Yes, some might say that affiliate program X or Y is the best, but if it's not in a field where you feel comfortable in, it might not matter that the affiliate program is good. If you're not able to send good targeted traffic to the affiliate program, it doesn't matter that it's good. So everyone needs to find their own niches they feel good working with. And as you're asking for lottery affiliate programs now, the answer is yes. There are online lottery affiliate programs around.

While the selection of affiliate programs when it comes to lottery might not be as wide as it could be in many other niches, there still are a few around, such as Lottarewards ( The commission you can expect from there varies from 25 percent to 40 percent, depending on the number of players you're able to send them. Anything below 10 players and your commission rate is 25%, if you're able to send them 11-50 players, your commission will be 30%. Between 51 and 100 players your commission rate is 35% and over 100 players your max commission will be 40%. So everything's pretty straightforward.

Benefits of being a lottery affiliate includes consistent revenue. While when you think of being a lottery affiliate your eyes won't turn into dollar signs, being a lottery affiliate can actually give pretty consistent revenue all the time. Simply because lottery players buy the tickets every week/month. Plus it's also possible that many players will opt for automatic monthly payments which is sort of a dream come true for affiliates.

Succeeding with affiliate marketing is far from easy. I've seen so many ebooks and everything else claiming they earned thousands - most of them though are full of you know what. In order to succeed with affiliate marketing you need to have persistence, you need to be able to send a ... I wanted to say tons of traffic, but it's actually not necessarily true. While the amount of traffic needs to be high enough as well, the most important thing is proper targeting. You need to be able send targeted visitors to the affiliates. Visitors who are definitely interested in the products, even if they end up not buying. That's the only way that affiliate marketing can be profitable.

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