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Siim Einfeldt
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As you have come to our site, you have most likely decided to become a poker affiliate. Or you already are one, but are looking for some more information about it all and maybe also new neat networks you'd like to join. Here I'd like to help you a bit with the promotion side of the business.

Promoting your poker affiliate section isn't easy, we know that, as it goes - been there, done that, and in order to generate nice income with your site, finding the right marketing techniques for your site is extremely important.

Being an affiliate of poker sites can really be very lucrative business, however, in order to actually make some good money with it some major work is required.

If your site doesn't have visitors, neither have you any potential players with whom you could earn with. So for starters, start promoting your site if your site doesn't have a nice number of daily visitors yet.

Secondly, let's be honest, not just any kind of visitors help you achieve your goals the fastest. While you could say that everyone over 18 (or 21, depending on he country) is a potential poker player, it's not really the truth. Well, it is, but if you have many sites in multiple niches with some nice traffic and you try the poker affiliate programs on all of them, you'll notice that visitors on some sites convert way better than on others. That could either be for the reason that you've done better job with the presentation of your poker promotions or there are simply different type of people visiting the sites. Usually - both things are true.

In order to bring the right people to your site, make sure you target the right keywords whenever you are promoting your website or doing SEO for your poker pages.

It's also great idea to create and maintain a list of people who might be interested in great poker offers, pretty much the same as we have done here for anyone interested in becoming a poker affiliate (just see the right side column of this site).

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