No risk, no reward? Poker affiliates don't agree

Siim Einfeldt
Published under Poker affiliates

Whatever business venture you start, there's always some risks involved. Like the saying - no risk, no reward. Of course, I do agree with it in theory. And I do agree with what Josh Fraser said on his website - "If you donít miss a flight every now and then, youíre wasting too much time hanging around in airports. /.../ If there is no danger of your heart being broken, maybe you need to take a chance at loving more." - how can you not agree with these ones? I can't.

However, I have always tried to do thinks risk-free and I have achieve things nobody thought possible. At least without any monetary resources. But experience shows, it is possible. No risk, no reward, often it doesn't just apply.

Of course, whatever you do, there's always at least one thing you risk losing - the time you work on something. If it doesn't pay, you risk of losing the time you put into the project. Yet, that's not a real risk - as even if you "lose" the time you have committed to the project, you have learned something from it. Hopefully. And if you learned something from it, it's not lost time. So again, in reality you didn't risk a thing.

Are there any risks involved in online gaming industry? For you as an affiliate? As much as I can see, yes, not those are more kind of indirect risks. For example, if you're in web business and you decide to create a website about poker then if the site doesn't take off - well, if you put money into it, you risk of losing it. But then again, poker affiliate programs don't have anything to do with it, thus it's an indirect risk. Joining a poker affiliate program is not a risk in itself - you don't lose any money by joining them.

And if you actually manage to deliver new players to some poker room, the odds are, you're already in the plus side. Because as soon as you start playing poker online, the poker room involved starts collecting rake from you. Either from your tournament buy ins or from every hand you play in cash table. Every player brings them money and if you are affiliated with them, every player that You send them, is now making You money. And it doesn't matter if the player wins or loses, they still pay rake. It's as simple as that.

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