Being a GOOD poker affiliate for your players

Siim Einfeldt
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What makes a good poker affiliate? You sign up with some poker affiliate network and start promoting their site to your visitors in hopes of turning them into players on the network's poker site. What would make you a REALLY good affiliate for the new players?

One might say that a really good affiliate might not encourage gambling at all, but my personal approach is that every individual makes his or her own choices independent of what is promoted to him or her. So I would definitely not even put that into the equation. The farmer is not responsible for his clients for drinking milk. The consumer simply want to drink milk. If he does it for some other reason, that's already his personal problem.

Back to what we were discussing - what makes you a good affiliate to your players? Obviously, for yours and your players sake, you should only promote great networks. For you to make a lot of money and for the player to have a nice set of games available with enough people to play with. But that's not all. A good poker affiliate network also has great sign up bonuses for their players, good reload bonuses and last but not least, rakeback option. All poker rooms collect rake from their players - the rake is collected from them each hand they play in cash games or each tournament fee they pay. A friend of mine who is playing not very high limits, but still $1/$2 and by the end of the month he had paid about $1000 a month to the poker room only in terms of rake. Now, if he had the chance to get 40% of it back, that would already be a nice set of free beers every month, right? Especially if you are a winning player.

Many poker rooms also offer the players points - whatever they are called - VIP points, frequent player points or anything else like that. And often you can exchange the points the player has collected for tournament tickets, gifts of any kind (from poker sets to high end electronics) or simply cash.

Being a good poker affiliate, so what does it mean? It means recommending your website visitors, potential poker players, only the best poker rooms out there.

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